Cross Culture Exchange

Cross Culture Exchange (CCE) is a multi cultural and educational organization that promotes cultural exchange and understanding.

CCE’ s mission is to make the world a harmonious village / community by creating new connections and building interpersonal networks between those of different languages and cultural backgrounds.

CCE is founded on the principles of cultural exchange, educational exchange, and customer service. Under these principles, CCE’s professional customer service representatives work hard in our headquarters in San Francisco and branch office in Beijing to plan various international programs and implement them. CCE China Office in Beijing is equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems and kind-hearted customer service professionals.

One of CCE's business strengths is that we have our own Travel Department. Its famous travel brand is called "waytochina". Our Travel Department is not only a tour operator with bus and hotel contracts, but also a ticketing office, issuing all kinds of airline tickets directly from our head office. Due to our strengths, we have made it possible to reduce the cost greatly for our international conference delegations and our international summer campers when they travel worldwide.

Our programs emphasize multigenerational and multicultural collaborations focusing on Sino-US exchanges. We bring people from different cultures together in a supportive environment where they can get to know each other through face to face communication. Through our continuous efforts, we are building and strengthening relationships among diverse cultures of the world,
CCE is a meeting place. Small sized classes, workshops and seminars relating to cultural awareness, appreciation and language courses are sporadically held at CCE’s head office near the famous San Francisco Union Square.

One of the CCE’s many exciting programs is summer (winter) camps for students. We have camp site in China for north American students, while camp site in the USA for Chinese students. During the camp sessions, the students have the opportunities to learn how to better understand diverse cultures and develop intercultural skills. They also learn to integrate academic interests in service work. The summer (winter) camps, either in China or in the USA, provide students, educators, and community members with opportunities to access, share information, and foster cross-cultural understanding. We encourage and assist our young global citizens to recognize and understand life beyond boarders.